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Home is where your story begins. It’s the starting place of love, hope and dreams. It’s where babies are made. Meals are cooked. Where finger painting and bedtime stories abound. Where families gather. Where futures are imagined. And where love and laughter never end.

At Two Chicks Homes, we believe a home establishes the foundation for our families and our futures, and inspires us to live, laugh and love. Our client-focused portfolio includes home remodeling as well as the purchase, rehabilitation and resale of single-family residences throughout Charlotte and surrounding areas.


Our goal with every renovation is to find the diamond in the rough. The homes that have been neglected and forgotten. The homes with charm and character. The homes with the good bones that just need a lot of love and TLC. We bring these homes back to life, creating spaces where families can make memories for years to come.  


We hope we inspire you in all the big and little ways we make our houses homes.

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