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Leigh Circle - SOLD!

The first of many home renovations to come, the Leigh Circle house is a 1300 SF brick ranch located in Oakdale that needs a LOT of love.

Renovations are expected to take approximately three months and include a complete overhaul / remodel of the interior and exterior of the home. 

Leigh Circle.jpg

Leolillie Ln - SOLD!

Built in 1968, this beautifully unique brick ranch will be undergoing significant updates and renovations beginning in April 2021. Situated on a stunning street in the Oakdale community, this 1752 SF home features 3 bedrooms and two full baths, seated on a picturesque mature lot.

Front - Leolillie.jpg

Catalina Ln - Complete!

A good buddy of ours asked us if we would update his kitchen for his wife over Christmas.

Their kitchen was a 60’s original. They wanted a dishwasher, more cabinet space, a pantry, and a big peninsula for baking and doing crafts with the kiddos.

We are super happy with the results.

Happy wife, happy life!


Situated on half an acre in the Oakdale community, the Pleasant Grove Road home features 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths, with a gorgeous vaulted great room and stunning fireplace. In addition to 1600 SF of open living space, the outdoor area boasts of a covered carport and expansive garage workshop. ​

We are more than eager to get started on this renovation and expect the home to be on the market in June 2021.


Johnston Dr. - Complete!

Two Chicks is off to a very special project next week! A good childhood friend of mine has been following us for the past year and loves our work so much!

A close friend of hers passed away recently, and left her the home that Jennifer so lovingly cared for her in during her final months. Jennifer literally had a dream that Two Chicks Homes renovated this house for her family to move into, and reached out to us to see if we would be interested.

The stars immediately aligned on so many levels and without hesitation, we agreed to take on this special project. We like to think that this Google Street view, the only house on the street with the sun shining through the trees so beautifully, is a sign, along with the “two chicks” she has found throughout the house.

Belmont, here we come!


Every home has a story, and we have not , but new stories to tell! Both houses are in Oakdale and we start this week!!

The first is a special home once lived in by a very special couple in the community. For 65 years it was occupied by the same family!

Back story: When we first looked at land to move Gigi’s house to, we reached out to this homeowner because she had an extra parcel beside of her house. She and my grandmother sat beside of each other in Sunday School, and she said she would love if Gigi’s house could sit beside of hers! Unfortunately, it didn’t work out due to route logistics, but it would have been extra special if it had.


Although that didn’t work out, what did work out is us being able to purchase her house and renovate it. It was a really emotional purchase for all involved, but we promised to take extra special care, and give it the loving makeover that only Two Chicks could.


Some of you know this home, as it was where countless cakes were baked, meals were prepared, and amazing food for catering events was created. It holds so many memories for so many in the community, and we can’t wait to put our touch on it for another family to enjoy for many years to come.


Rockhaven Drive, here we come!

Rockhaven 1.jpg

The Oakdale Road house is more than just a house to us. It holds an extremely special place in our hearts as this home was built with love by my grandfather. After his passing, my grandmother continued to live here for two decades until the construction of I-485 required her to move. The land is now zoned commercial and the house destined to be torn down... but Two Chicks Homes isn't letting that happen!

We are physically moving this house to a new location and will be doing a complete renovation of the 1700 SF home, bringing it back to life for another family to love for years to come. This is a huge project that will be more meaningful than any we take on. 

Photo Oct 20, 12 17 26 PM.jpg
two chicks-11.jpg

James Street - SOLD!

Another beautifully remodeled home in Oakdale! 

JAmes St.JPG

James Street - SOLD!

Another beautifully remodeled home in Oakdale!

JAmes St.JPG

Oak Drive - SOLD!

We have officially closed on our 4th TWO CHICKS  house in 9 months… and we are super stoked about this one! 
We came to know the sweetest lady ever through this transaction and can’t wait to get started. She had a Botany minor in college and did the most wonderfully amazing landscaping during her almost 30 years of owning the home. 
Although it needs work because it’s been vacant for some time, there’s some really cool stuff planted all over the almost one acre of property! 
We have affectionately nicknamed this one the “Secret Garden” house and already have a theme picked out for the inside (one we haven’t done before so superrrrr excited there) 
Oak Drive here we come! 


Oakdale Rd. - SOLD!

This house will no doubt go down as one of our all-time favorites!​

Built circa 1929, this amazing Craftsman-style home is being restored with much of it's original character and charm remaining intact.

From the refinished original hardwoods to the gorgeous beadboard ceilings and woodwork throughout the home, this 1320 sf, 3 bedroom, 2 bath home is going to make it's new owners so very happy!

2825 Oakdale.jpg

House #9! This adorable ranch is definitely in need of some Two Chicks love.

When a long time family friend reached out to us in hopes of saving his late sister’s house from foreclosure, we stepped in to help them navigate the process.


Missy’s background in real estate, foreclosures and banking really paid off as she spent hours helping the family with logistics and ultimately overcoming a huge financial hurdle with the mortgage company.

We have some pretty cool plans to give this one a modern makeover and can’t wait to get rolling

PG 2.jpg
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